Inside Life of A Nigerian Creative: Episode 1

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2 min readMar 7, 2023


Anita thinks creativity is plagiarism but paraphrased


22, Female


Actress, Content writer, Makeup artist, Student

Mental Health Status:

Coming out of depression

We talked to Anita about her creative journey, and here is what she had to share with us.

Do you like what you do, or would you rather be doing something else?

I've been engaged with ghostwriting for the past year, and I didn't particularly like it, so I quit. I have a blog where I write, and it’s fun because I don't have deadlines and expectations. Also, I would rather be an actress, to be honest.

What do you see creativity as?

It’s basically plagiarism but in a unique way. Everything that can be created has probably already been created somehow, so all you can do is make it better. So for me, creativity is adding your own spice and unique perspective to something. And I think everyone has the ability to be creative.

Do you ever experience imposter syndrome?

More often than not, I attribute my well-received articles to some form of stroke of luck. I feel like that quality of work is not something I can easily reproduce at a whim. It doesn't feel like a skill. It feels like a superficial display of excellence that's supposed to impress and draw you in, where you'll discover that I'm a fraud winging it.

How do you deal with it?

Does one really ever “deal” with imposter syndrome? I don't think so. However, it’s possible to equip yourself to fight the feeling whenever it surfaces. It’s no news that when you're better prepared for a presentation, you are more likely to face your audience confidently. So just keep learning and improving your craft…

Hmm, What do you think about creative blocks?

I think as creatives, we thrive in our ability to create, and when that ability goes for a vacation in the form of creative block, we can't help but feel helpless and depressed. So I think experiencing a creative block can be depressing and annoying.

Have you ever felt mental instability that you think might be attributed to being a creative?

Yes, it’s majorly attributed to the fear of not doing well enough.

Any advice for any creative going through mental battles?

Introspection and find an outlet for your negative emotions. It could be journaling or talking to someone. Just find an outlet to pour out that negativity. You might not be “cured” completely, but you'd at least have a way to cope because every creative goes through mental battles. We all must find a way to cope and balance it out.

You have read Anita’s story, so let’s hear yours. How is life as a Creative, and how do you cope with creative blocks and breakdowns?



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